Collector’s Platoon is extremely proud to announce our newest sponsor – Red Lasers Army! As many know, Red Lasers Army is a leader in developing custom Joe figures, that are available for purchase. The Collector’s Platoon team is thrilled to welcome our latest addition which brings us closer to being the premier Joe show for

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Collector’s Platoon: G.I. Joe RETURNS

Showcasing vintage & modern, featuring Canadian ToyCon & other toy lines. ✔️EVENT SPONSORED IN PART BY: – G.I. Joe Collectors Club Canada – INACIO Design – That 80’s Toy Shop! ✔️DOOR PRIZES to be won in draws during the show ✔️GIVEAWAYS Announcement coming soon ✔️FREE PARKING, and also in the parking lot of the GO

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Plastics for Laughs May 31 to June 7, 2019

And now for your Friday laughs. Thanks to all for your submissions. Do you want to share your humor with everyone? Please email us your toy pictures and captions and we will share them with everyone. Please keep them clean and non controversial and most important, have fun. You can submit via email to