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Image provided by M. Kennedy

Let me start by saying, that I am in no way an expert on G.I.Joe. I don’t always remember when a figure came out, or with what weapons. I was never the type of person who could remember all the fine details, as so many of you do. Nor am I a weapons or martial arts expert. What I am in my own way is a fan of this amazing universe.

When I thought about which character I would start reviewing, I first went to the easy targets; like Snake Eyes or Duke, maybe CoCo or Storm Shadow. Then it occurred to me that it would be more appropriate to start with the character based on the man who created this world for us.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Nicky Lee. AKA Tunnel Rat. AKA Larry Hama. Now let me say that growing up, I didn’t read the comics and only knew of GI Joe from the cartoon. As a child, I almost exclusively played with Joes, with the odd Transformer, He-Man, Thunder Cat, and others thrown in. From the moment I got him, Tunnel Rat was a favourite. I had no idea that he was based on Mr. Hama, and at the time, that probably wouldn’t have meant much to me. But when as an adult I started collecting again, I learned of the background and re-cemented my love for the Rat. Having appeared on pretty well every platform the Joe entity has taken on, Tunnel Rat can be found everywhere from the Sunbow cartoon series, to the IDW, Devil’s Due, and Marvel comic book runs. He also appears as a non-playable character in the previous generation gaming console game, for the release of Rise of Cobra. He has also been made into 12 Hasbro released figures. He was one of the latest figures released by the GI Joe Fan Club, earlier this year.

Tunnel Rat is basically a scout. His talents are best displayed when he’s infiltrating a base within city limits, where he can take advantage of the sewer systems. The rifle that the figure came with is a long barrelled rifle with a large scope on it. I always used it as a silent weapon, using TR like many people would use their ninjas. To me, TR was a ninja in street clothes.

With so many characters left to talk about, I put it to you the person reading this: who’d you like to read about next? Who do you want to get to know before the next Collectors Platoon in November.

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