Jyn Erso Giveaway


Two ways to enter:

Msg me directly and ask to have a collectors platoon invite emailed to you directly. I will send you an invite and confirm with you on the spot that your request has been approved once you have followed.

Visit www.collectorsplatoon.com

In the comments field for the figure you want (or both) Leave a comment that says I’m in and like 1 other article that is on the site (second part is optional, just makes us feel warm and fuzzy )

PLEASE do not assume you are automatically entered, confirm with me and I can let you know.


Visit www.collectorsplatoon.com , click the follow Collector’s Platoon button.

Confirm with me that it has gone through

Comment on the figure(s), maaaaaaaybe like an article or two

And that’s it! It’s easy peasy.

This contest will run until Saturday June 1st, 2019. We will post the video and results on our Facebook group page which is located at https://www.facebook.com/groups/collectorsplatoon

And if you already following, no problem, msg me, confirm and enter away!

For all of our Star Wars friends, articles and features are currently in development and you will start to see those in early June if not sooner.

We will be doing our first tour/interview with That 80’s Toy Shop! This week so look for that and many more in the weeks and months to come.

Please remember we are new but we will be growing. Also if you would like to volunteer to contribute to the site we will be having exclusive contributed contests as well as a thank you for helping us grow.

Thanks and good luck to all

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