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Carl W. Greer, Carla P. Greer aka Doc

Originally appearing as Carl W. Greer, and later represented as Carla P. Greer, Doc was one of the few characters to be the code name of both a male and a female character. For me, Doc wasn’t a figure I had when I was a kid, so he didn’t have much place in my heart. But when I started collecting again, as an adult (man-child), Doc was the first Joe my wife bought me. With both of us being noobs to the whole online thing and where to find these little plastic grails, she turned to of all places…Etsy. and there I found a beautiful complete vintage figure.

He instantly became one of my favourite figures, normally I don’t army build, but I’d buy this figure by the dozen, if I could! Carl debuted in 1983 with the Sunbow show, where there he was voiced by Buster Jones, who also did voices for the 80’s cartoons Transformers, Ghostbusters and Batman: The Animated Series.

Doc also appeared in G.I.Joe Resolute (voiced by Steve Blum) and Renegades (voiced by Phil Lamar), both of which have resumes too long to list. Receiving his PhD at Harvard and did his residency at John Hopkins School of Medicine, Doc has also completed Airborne and Mountaineering school, as well as Desert Training. Doc would find his strength in his faith, he strives to bring healing to the world and ease its suffering.

Considering himself a pacifist, it does seem odd to find Doc as a member of the Joe’s, but seeing the dedication the Joe team has for attempting and often achieving peace, it seemed a natural progression.

Doc’s first figure was with the second year of production in 1983. The same figure was also a part of a mail away set, in 1986, called ‘The Original Team’. With two modern versions released. A tribute to the original figure, done in the 25th line sculpting in 2008, and one in 2010. None of which have any sort of rarity, but they are still great figures.

In the comic books, Doc finds himself one of the victims of a botched order from Cobra Commander, and Doc dies, It is at this point that I will turn your attention to Carla P. Greer. The niece of Carl, her path to the Joe’s is similar to her uncles, although in the books, it isn’t said that she is related to another Joe, but rather in this reality she is the first to use the codename Doc.

First appearing in the 2004 issue of G.I.Joe: Reborn, she continued to be a part of the team through the 14 issue run published by Devil’s Due. Carla has had 2 figures released to date, one is from the Hasbro release from 2007 and the other as part of the Joe clubs Figure Subscription Service 6.0.

With all of the talk of Joe movies being in the works, it is believed that Doc will be a part of it, although with nothing but a working title (G.I.Joe: Ever Vigilant) this is pure speculation.

Watch for future Character Blogs here on Collector’s Platoon.

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