That 80’s Toy Shop! Video Contest Giveaway!

Collector’s Platoon is teaming up with That 80’s Toy Shop! for our latest contest giveaway, Conest closes on Sunday June 30, 2019. Enter Today!!

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Time for another Collector’s Platoon giveaway, and this one is courtesy of our good friends over at That 80’s Toy Shop! We will be giving away both a Sgt. Savage w/VHS cassette (Whoever lands in slot number one) and a G.I. Joe vs. Cobra Sound Attack Assault Quad w/ Gung Ho (Whoever lands in slot number two). This contest is open to all residents in Canada and the United States, participants must be ages 18 and over. Contest closes Sunday June 30, 2019. Names will be randomized and this will be completed through For any questions please email us directly at

All you need to do to win is three easy steps…

1. Subscribe to Collector’s Platoon right here:

2. Watch our video, like and subscribe to our channel, The 80’s Toy Shop! video interview can be viewed right here.

3. Comment on the video, only the names that are in the comments through either the YouTube channel (Here) or through the website (Here). And remember you must subscribe first to be eligible.

Don’t forget to visit That 80’s Toy Shop!’s website here and follow them on Instagram here.

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