How to make sure your Collector’s Platoon show experience go accordingly.

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The time is getting closer, no Roadblock will stand in your way, you are Gung Hohere , to burst through those doors like a boss and enter a world of G.I. Joe, 30 tables will be waiting to help you fill those lists, here are some tips that will help you not only fill your lists, but also give you the full show experience and help you be successful.

10. Pace your budget….yeah I know this is boring but it is important. You want to make sure there is enough to go around. Most of the tables will have either vintage, modern or some non Joe goodies. I know for myself it’s hard not to throw big bucks down the moment you walk through those Cobra-la doors. Your smartest move, walk the floor, see what’s at every table. And now you know, and knowing is half the battle!!

9. Talk with the vendors, especially if you are new to the hobby. There is a lot of experience in that room that will be more than happy to share their wisdom with you. Enter like a Lt. Falcon and leave like a Flint.

8. Bring your camera, take some pictures with our cosplayers, seriously, how often can you say agents of Cobra and Joe will stop fighting to take a picture with you. Are they Cosplayers….or Zartan in disguise. Hmmmm.

7. Move like a Stormshadow and not like a Shipwreck. Yes I know I said earlier to pace your budget but c’mon, if you can walk out with that rare variation of your figure at the price you want, like the old 80’s commercial once said “Don’t just think about it, do it do it do it”.

6. Have your want lists ready and make copies to give to the vendors with your email. These guys have enough resources that would make even Destro blush. I mean seriously wait till you see what is waiting for you! But seriously, if by chance they don’t, your making a new friend to the end right? Why not have an extra set of eyes out there, they come across deals and inventory ALL THE TIME!

5. GET TO THE CHOPPA!!!! Or fang, or Mobat or dare I say terrordrome? There will be vehicles , lots of them. And if that is your thing then go crazy, if you don’t drive download the Uber app, get a ride, hang your head out like you’re a Wildbill. The moral of this. Make sure you have a way to get your new collection home.

4. Halfway through the show, take a break, regroup with your fellow Platooner’s and head to the downstairs, buy yourself lunch and plan out the second stage in your MASS Device plan. Once recharged head back upstairs like Sgt.Slaughter in a drill and whip those updated want lists back into order.

3.Some vendors will accept Debit, credit or PayPal but cash is king. If you run out be resourceful like a Dr. Mindbender, hit the ATM (no don’t worry, it’s not a B.A.T.S v25) and load up. Plus cash always leads to better deals as there is no service charge rigggggght?

2. Make multiple trips to your car to drop off purchases, an empty hand can be filled faster than a hand full of bags. All parking is close (and free!). Besides, we don’t mind charging you for admission each time 😊. Just kidding, it was a good one though no? Make sure you have your wristband so you can go in and out as you please. That way you can also tell all your friends that you went to the Collector’s Platoon 60 times that day. You feel good, we feel good, it’s a true Kumbaya moment really.

1. And finally last but not least. Have fun. It’s a show, we are all there for the same reason and that’s to celebrate our love for the hobby. There will be deals, there will be inventory and there will be future shows. Let’s have fun, post pics of your (Keel) hauls and make this event even better than the last one.

Thanks for reading folks, as we get closer and closer more details will pop out. If you enjoyed this article, the hobby or the shows in general please hit the subscribe button on this site and we’ll see you at the second G.I. Joe Collectors Platoon on Sunday November 3rd, 2019.

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