Buying at Collector’s Platoon and keeping your partner happy…Here’s how!!

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So, the day is finally here, you have been saving all of your Nickles, Dimes, Quarters and dare I even say Toonies and Loonies. You haven’t purchased a single thing in hours so you’re feeling pretty proud you have cut back, It’s been a couple of business days since one of those packages have graced your front door so YOU KNOW you have cut back for the sole reason you want to go nuts at G.I. Joe Collector’s Platoon on Sunday November 3rd, 2019 at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 101 in Toronto, ON (yes, that was a cheap plug, I know).

Your planning has been perfected, you have even bought a new bookcase to display what awaits you but there is one tiny itsy bitsy thing in your way, your worried what your partner in life will say. Yes, this can be intimidating, but here is 5 tips how you can make this work!

#5 – Don’t buy a FLAGG if you both live in a small apartment! Look I get you, and I agree it would make a fantastic coffee table but be realistic, if you don’t have the space then don’t bring it to your place. Be sensitive to your partner’s space as well.

#4 – Don’t come home with 20 bags of goodies and pretend you have something in there for your partner. I know and again I get you, once you see that stern look don’t start rummaging through your bags like a raccoon on a Saturday night pulling out the one figure you don’t want and say “Hun, I bought you your first Joe”. Karma will hit you and that O ring will snap faster than a belt buckle at a buffet.

#3 – When you realize that there is not enough space for your new treasures, please don’t ask your partner to declutter, yeah, that will go over well like a fart in church on an Easter Sunday. Trust me, just don’t. This is a perfect opportunity for you to declutter your stuff which in return your partner will appreciate more.

#2 – Don’t fight, there could be a disagreement (Possibly not if you explain how rare some of these figures are…..yeah right). Listen to your partner’s concerns. This of course can all be avoided if you stay within a budget but let’s be honest, once you approach those tables and the horn of Jericho sounds because you can really kickstart your new army things will happen. Been there, done that. Which leads us to….

#1 – Trust and have faith in your partner. Together work on a budget, show them you have saved for the show and let them know your plan and vision. Heck invite them to the show, they may actually enjoy it (and we get an extra $5 bill, woo boo). Seriously though, be honest and straight forward. They already love you and have accepted you and your hobby.

Well, I hope this helps and now you know and knowing is half the battle, see you Sunday at the second edition of G.I. Joe 

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