Just a sneak peek of what’s to come at Collector’s Platoon this Sunday November 3, 2019

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You know that giddy feeling you get on Christmas just before you are ready to open your gifts and be surprised? Well, as a Joe collector, this Sunday is your chance to purchase yourself some nice G.I. Joe goodies that you have been searching for. Whether it’s vintage, modern, comics or something completely different, this Sunday chances are if you are a G.I. Joe collector and coming to Toronto you will find something or somethings you are searching for.

With 30 tables set up and the majority of the show being G.I. Joe, you will be that kid on Christmas morning, but the G.I. Joe Collector’s Platoon is so much more than a show filling your want lists (though that is the key point of course). Every where you look, there will be G.I. Joe, if you need parts to complete a station, there are vendors with that. Missing a couple of pew pews, there’s a good chance you will find it

G.I. Joe Collector’s Platoon is about a community of collector’s coming together, making new contacts, sharing stories and custom figures you have made. It’s about participating in our first MOBAT race, having that bragging right till the next show. It’s about getting some pictures with our Cosplayers and saying how you snuck a picture with Cobra Commander or Zartan. Basically, G.I. Joe Collector’s Platoon is about having fun and chilling with fellow collector’s.

 Where will you be this Sunday as we start G.I. Joe day in Canada with the second Collector’s Platoon show in Toronto? I’ll be there getting in trouble filling my lists, will you?

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