Collector’s Corner: Why Collect?

January 9, 2020

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January 9, 2020

Why do we collect? Is it a thrill of the challenge? Is it for the hunt, or is it because it’s our form of a stress reliever.

Everybody collects for different reasons and to each our own. But let’s face it, when we see the postman struggle up those stairs with a box the size of a sofa, we cannot help but grin knowing the joys of what we are about to open.

Who needs opening Christmas gifts when we have our hobby, every day is Christmas, the only difference is we are not running down the steps in our PJ’s with boxes under a tree. Instead, we get a grumpy delivery guy asking if we can get packages even larger (almost a challenge, a dare if you will).

Once the packages are in, that’s when the real fun begins. First, you have to stand back and stare at your truck, knowing that you did not receive the holy grail that you’ve been searching high and low. But we know this is just the beginning; the real challenge begins once you have to explain to your significant other.

If it’s just a small figure, you’re in the clear you open the envelope and put them on a stand and bada bing bada boom you’re good to go. Now, if it’s a vehicle, oh boy, it gets more challenging. You know your significant other will be watching a) Where you will be opening and assembling this and b) Where you will proudly display this.

 Now be careful, you do not want to be a smart ass here. If you know that this is coming, then by God, save yourself a round of the Million Dollar Pyramid and have that space ready. If it is not,  be prepared. Which brings me back to the original question knowing all of this, why do we collect? Well, the answer is easy. It is who we are.

We appreciate either the thrill of the challenge, the joy of completing a collection so that we can show off our trophies or, in a lot of cases, reliving our childhood with the collectibles that made us happy.

I know when I get home, I do enjoy taking that little bit of time to work on my inventory, re-display my figures, and chat with fellow collectors. It’s relaxing, and it’s therapeutic after a long day.

Most of us are also lucky enough to have significant others support our hobby. I know I do because if she didn’t, I’m sure they would be in the trash awaiting Ricky the Racoon. Collecting can be a blessing and a curse, take it for what it is, and enjoy the blessing by avoiding the curse.

On a separate note, you will be noticing some significant changes on the Collector’s Platoon site over the next little while. There be more editorials — a new look and new features that will be tying into our upcoming 2020 shows. Good times ahead 🙂