About us

Q: What is Collector’s Platoon?

A: Collector’s Platoon is an event with a main focus on one single toy line. This way, as the hobbyist, you will have the opportunity to fill your want lists and needs.

Q: Is it REALLY only one toy line?

A: The show hosts at least 80% for one main toy line. However, 20% of the show is open to other lines. We hope this can open up your pallets just a tiny bit to add to your main collection.

Q: This sounds good, and come to think of it, I have a ton of extras I would love to move. How can I become a vendor?

A: Becoming a vendor at one of our shows is easy. Visit our vendor page here, download the application and email it back to us at collectorsplatoon@gmail.com. We have kept our table fee at $50.00, so tables will move fast. Apply now. We offer tables on a “first come, first served” basis.