Collector’s Platoon delivers!

After months of planning and preparation the 2nd Collector’s Platoon arrived and did not disappoint! From before even the doors opened you could tell that this was going to be something awesome for all Joe Collector’s alike.

Toy’s and Jams artwork was a hit. Everyone received a Storm Shadow 3×8 at the gate as courtesy.

The show was noticeably larger then the previous version with 30 tables stacked with Joes and a few other lines. If you were an army builder, you were covered. If you wanted a FLAGG, yup you guessed it covered there too. Or if you only wanted parts, figures or comics, got it, got it and got it!

Relics N Retro hammering out Joe Parts all day long.

Our sponsors also made the trek out with G.I. Joe Collector’s Club Canada giving away some t-shirts, Sgt. Splatters providing a tank and free paintball passes to everyone. As an extra surprise, Inacio Design was on site and provided some unreal keychains that you have to see to believe.

Mike was on site to help repair Joes, there is a reason he is a Joe master surgeon.

Attendance from the previous show was also up with over 100 Joe collector’s coming from all over. Visitors from BC, Quebec, Brampton, Niagara Falls, Oshawa and other locations wanted to be a part of the G.I. Joe Collector’s Platoon experience. Cosplayers also came out in full force to attract people outside to come in, take pictures with everyone and added to the entire Joe Vibe that was happening in the room.

COSPLAYERS and the Sgt. Splatters tank!

In the end, the re-entry wristband and free parking proved to be a true MVP as everyone was making regular trips to their car to unload their purchases. Terrordrome’s, MOC’s, Sky Strikers we’re flying (yeah ok pun intended on that on) out the door, everyone also kept asking when and where is the next one.

Later tonight (Tuesday November 5, 2019) vendor applications and all dates will be released on our website, and from the vendor applications that we already received following the show these should fill fast. Collector’s Platoon would like to say a huge thank you to all of our sponsors (G.I. Joe Collector’s Platoon, That 80’s Toy Shop!, Inacio Designs, Iains Display Accessories, Red Laser Army and Sgt. Splatters) for their support and contribution’s, Toys and Jams for the hours of work that was put into the Storm Shadow hand out, INACIO Designs for their custom key chain set handouts.

Just a sample of the never ending Joe deals on site.

Collector’s Platoon would also like to thank all of the volunteers that helped with the flow of the show and watching the doors. A very special thank you to our photographers for the day and did not miss a single beat, and also my brother-in-law John for being with us from the start of the day till then end with setups and clean ups. Finally we would also like to say a huge thank you to Canadian ToyCon, they have been such a huge supporter for us and coming out to the show to offer support was above and beyond.

Now that this show is in the books, let’s hear below your comments and thoughts. Thanks again and please don’t forget to share our website with your friends 😊.